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Dear Calgary Shambhala Sangha,

This past weekend, Frank, Renate, Masa, and I (Greg) attended Shambhala Guide Training at the Edmonton Shambhala Centre, led by Shastri* Trinley Busby and Shastri Ben Hines. During these three full days, each of us had our hearts and minds opened to the fresh and inspiring direction of Shambhala Culture. Highlights included small group exercises around skillful communication; a deep and meaningful large group exercise on inclusion and exclusion; a very heartfelt discussion about gender, sexuality, race, patriarchy, and their intersections; and a truly inspired talk about the Dorje Kasung by our very own, Frank Johns.

A lot of material was covered, specifically material that is important for the development of a Shambhala Culture deeply rooted in basic goodness here in our city. We would like to share this with you and open up a discussion about the direction and focus of Calgary Shambhala culture. As well, opportunities related to our community administration need attention.

In light of all of this, it is time for a community meeting! Our community strength and big heart are fueled by each Calgary Shambhala member, whether you are new, veteran, or somewhere in between, whether you attend frequently or not, you are a vital part of our growth and vision.

Calgary has fallen into some hard economic times, but rising to the occasion with goodness, kindness, wisdom, and strength is what Shambhala is all about. Through our meditative culture, the Shambhala teachings show us how to connect with the fundamental abundance that is all around and within us.

Please consider attending this meeting.

This community meeting with be happening May 10, 6:30 – 9 pm at the Calgary Buddhist Temple, 658 1 Ave NE, Calgary. Tea and refreshments will be served (please RSVP by May 8 so we can ensure there is enough to go around. If you don’t manage to RSVP and still want to attend, please do).

Details are still unfolding, so another email may be following shortly. If you have any questions, please ask.

In goodness,

Greg Clay

*term for a senior teacher within the Shambhala Lineage

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